VMG Racing Electronics signs up as Official Supplier


Experience, quality and personalized service are the pillars of VMG Racing Electronics. Founded in 2007, their philosophy is to provide technical and technological solutions with the VMG vision to the marine industry.

The VMG team consists of engineers, technicians and navigators with extensive professional experience of the highest caliber. VMG Racing work on developing new products while providing direct assistance.

The VMG philosophy means that commitment and involvement are fundamental for the success of any project. As your technological partner we offer customized global solutions in each project phase – from the initial idea to regatta assistance and after-sales service.

'Our response time and the quality of services and products offered have firmly consolidated and rapidly expanded. Our presence on the international market as a reference in electronics and electrical systems in top level nautical realms. We now have strategic partnerships and alliances all over the world'. Carlos Freire.

'Having a state of the art and reliable electrical and electronics package that you can trust in the the most extreme environments is critical to both performance and safety. With VMG Racing I know we are in safe and capable hands. I look forward to working with Carlos and his team over the coming years.' Sean McCarter 

For more info check out www.vmgelectronics.com